Compliance Types for each regulator including ASIC, ATO, APRA, NDIA etc.
Consequence Areas across Fixed Assets, Intangible Assets, Business Interruption, Reputation, Employee etc with Rating from Insignificant, Minor, Moderate, Major to Catastrophic.
Likelihoods from Almost Certain, Likely, Possible, Unlikely and Rare.
Risk Conclusions include Accepted, Ignored, Treatment Required.
Treatment Types support Avoid Risk, Existing Control, Reduce Consequences, Reduce Probability, Transfer Risk.
Configurable Task Types (out of box Dynamics 365 entity that integrates with Outlook/Microsoft 365).
Incident Types include Breach, Complaint, Reportable.
Frequency Types includes Annual, Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly, Daily.
Incident Status Types can include Complete and Pending.